The Witch Master Original


I wrote this back in 1998 and recently came across it again. 

Here is one of my classics, written in 1998,

lock your doors

I actually started practising, learning and reading everything I could find at the early age of 15. This interest was brought on by nothing more than a yearning in my heart, no matter the loss i would face i was destined to follow. So for years I spent alone, often on dark paths some of my own and some others allowed me in to witness. Each journey I not only survived I thrived. My path has seen many sides to humanity. Most have been so cruel and unkind yet, with each new day, I open my eyes and breath ... I do my best to take with me all the lessons and remember that everyday is a new opportunity to experience things in a new light. A gift as some may say.  

So yes, when one asks me, do you have the strength to contain a demon?

My answer still to this day 35 years later is this ..


Can anyone really contain a Demon? They are a Demon after all. It's like having a tug of war contest on even ground with a grizzly, of course the grizzly will win. That's just Science Right?

So does that mean all is lost?

Of course not, there is always ways to work around and with a demon. Being able to pivot and utilize a few different tools is crucial as more than one demon can enter and exit a portal. Each demon like humans is unique in personality and strengths. 

If you have been messing with ouija boards or buying used toys from second hand stores (A huge amount of hauntings stem from these items) and have brought something home or invited it in by mistake and now you are wondering how to get rid of it ... 

Get in touch with us me @

We have helped many over the years.


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