Acrylic Paint on Silicone

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So we all see the posts saying dont use this resin with acrylic paint.  

Hog wash!!

I have been painting in my silicone molds before my resin pours for some time now and have gotten amazing results.

hand painted coasters   

This was a technique i discovered by accident, all great things usually start that way.

The one I have learned that is very important when you do try this is to allow the paint to fully dry before you pour your resin.

   If you do this 1 thing you will get a smooth glass like look above the paint.

   If you dont  the resin will not allow the paint to dry, it wont seal and when you remove the piece from the mold you will find the paint spots are still wet or sticky and there will be no seal over top.You can leave the piece to dry but it will still have a very unfinished splotchy look to it. 

So go out there and grab your paint brushes!

Think of your silicone molds as canvases and paint your hearts out! 

Just remember Let The Paint Dry Completely before you pour in your resin and you will rewarded with beautiful pieces every time!

Happy Painting! 

I would love to see your creations :)

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Darielle Juric, Artist@Deviant Design