Hag Stones from Ireland

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Hag Stones / Fairy Stones have arrived!!!

These magnificent stones are used to see invisible creatures of the land of the Fae and open up a window to other realms.

If you close one eye and peer through the hole in a fairy stone with the other, you'll be able to see into the kingdom of the Fae. You'll be able to see elementals and other beings from the Fae world.

Some practitioners believe that not only can you see but as well can bind a faery to their service for a certain amount of time. Probably not a great idea however.

Legend has it that these stones can be used to ward off the dead, curses, sickness and nightmares.
Tie them to anything you'd like protected. They Are even good at warding off the evil eye. Bottom line is if you can get your hands on a hag stone, treasure it and treat it like the sacred object that it is.