It doesn't matter if you spell it Wee-ja or Wee-je, it still spells FUN!


The True Wonder of this Mysterious Board is what lies within our own subconscious.

This game dates back to 500bc. Many have made renditions of this board through the times and some are lucky enough to have some of those pieces in their collections. Lots of those pieces unfortunately have been destroyed. 

Always looking for interesting new pieces to add to my own collection, please reach  out if you have one or know of someone looking to part with theirs. 

My Boards are Handcrafted using the highest quality resin, to ensure a long lasting, pass along through the generations piece. Will not break, will not shatter. Wipe down with soap and water to keep shiny clean.

We currently have 4 unique designs and sizes to choose from 

 * A small travel size board 4" X 6" and comes with a planchette

 * A Wall hanging piece has 3 dangling planchettes 4" X 6"

 * A larger size board 6" X 8" and comes with planchette

 Just Added

XL Size Board 10" x 14" 


Wholesale pricing list available upon request