Life's Possibilities Revealed

What’s in the Cards for You?

Tarot readings can help you gain insight into the past, present and future.

Whether or not you believe in the psychic connection with other realms, you'll probably be able to benefit from the’ general advice about life. If you’re currently going through a rough patch, getting a tarot card reading online can give you immediate stress relief. A good reading can uplift your spirit and provide the positive energy you need to be more hopeful about your future. A Tarot Reading can help in a wide range of areas such as future preparation, releasing negative energy, love and relationships, career and finances, loss counseling, and more.


Why choose me?

I am a Fulltime Psychic with a Studio in the Okanagan Valley. I like to take take everyday day to practise what I preach (Eat well, diet, daily meditation, and prayer) to better connect with the spirit world to provide you with the best guidance.


In-Person Readings; Tarot, Oracle or Gypsy Cards

My studio hours are Mon thru Sun 8am - 9 pm by appointment only.


Online readings; Tarot, Oracle or Gypsy Cards

Readings are usually answered the same day but may take a full 24 hours depending on your time of order.

(Your day might be my night :))

I will provide Answers to any 3 questions using the cards as well as my psychic abilities. All Answers are detailed and in depth. 

After you have placed your order please email me your name DOB and required amount of questions for your order. You may include a photo of yourself or a photo of someone you would like to know more about in your email in order to give me a stronger sense of your questions.

Please provide me an email access to send the reading to. Send your email to me at The reading will be sent to you as a word document or PDF to the email address you send me. 

You must be 18 years of age to purchase a reading. I do not read on pregnancy, legal, or medical issues. This reading is not meant to substitute for any professional advice or counsel. For entertainment purposes only. No refunds and all sales are final. I reserve the right to refuse a reading if I feel the question or issue is inappropriate. You are responsible for the actions you take and the decisions you make after receiving a reading from me. Please be responsible.

I am honored to read for you and take the work I do seriously. Any information you give to me will remain private and confidential. Many thanks.

Policy & Law requires I state you are purchasing a PDF file of a tarot card reading and this will be considered for entertainment purposes only.