About Us

Thank you so much for being here!

I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself and give you a bit of background on how the studio was born.

Hail in the sunny Okanagan Valley, spending days connecting with nature and helping others to do the same. I have been on a spiritual path for almost 40 years now, always growing and learning. After many years of my own inside work my guides have expressed my abilities could be used to help others to find their way. To help guide in healing of the body, mind and soul. 

I have found that no matter your age, race, or gender Art is the healer of us all. I love guiding others through the process of creation. 

The Arts can have such a soothing effect on our soul. It is near impossible to not feel the healing effects from it immediately. 

Having pulled myself out from the darkness I know just how important finding an avenue is. (Yes, A true Tortured Artist right here.)


So Horror and Art Collided, my two favorite passions, and Spoooky Studio was created.


We offer Beginner to Advanced Resin Classes

 2 classes each week are horror Inspired.


Terror Tuesdays & Freaky Fridays

All classes run from 7pm to 9pm


And 1 Class that is Fluid,

Seeing we have molds of all shapes and styles we like to leave Saturdays up to you.


Fluid Saturday Class

Class will run from 2 pm until 4 pm

Bring your wine and lets get creative!


 Registration for Spring and summer classes open now. 

We do have bottled water available as well as bathroom facilities.

email spoookystudio@gmail.com to book a Class



Light Work / Shadow Work
Healing can take many avenues and lead us down many dark alleys but remember with the right guide those avenues can also lead you to the most amazing views and experiences.
I started learning about the old ways, the  Pagan ways many years ago. I sometimes forget and want to count the present life time which would be 34 but then remember my memories go back to a time much further back then that. 
So yes in my soul I have travelled through such darkness but have found strength and compassion through my journeys and now want to share that with you. To be a guide, a fog light in the mist. To lead you from your darkness on to your next adventure whatever that may be. Lets find your smile again. 
While guiding can take on many forms I use a mixture of Scrying, Tarot and Art.This is all lead by my client at their pace.  
Book a Spot and lets get you moving towards a happier, healthier you.



In Closing Id like to share with you this beautiful prayer, sorry I've had this so long Im not sure who the author is ... I hope to one day find out so I can properly credit and thank them for this.

Great to help guide us in becoming more accepting and tolerant.


Upon rising in the morning; light a white candle, sit comfortably facing the candle, and focus on the flame while saying:


Gracious Lady, here my plea

Grant me tolerance that I might see,

The need for diversity on the earth

And see its value and its worth.

Help me to find the harmony

In accepting in what is meant to be,

And replace my negative attitude

with perfect love and fortitude.

Gracious Lady, hear my plea.

As I will, so mote it be!



 Covid-19 Acknowledgement

Though these have been trying times for us all I hope we have all found the strength to move forward and make the proper adjustments to keep ourselves safe and informed.
To those in the front-lines ... Thank you ... 

Here you will find we practise all safety protocols set out by the province.

Masks are Still Required at this location