About Us

Darielle Juric
Thank you so much for being here!
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be in the of selling jewellery never mind my own. I have never been the crafty kind. 
Then the year 2020 came roaring in. I had decided I needed a hobby.
I spent hours upon hours in my studio the first 6 months of this pandemic. I created through mental turmoil as this new virus that had surfaced has really given us a run for our money.
I found the pouring of the resin, the dazzle and magic of dropping in the alcohol ink and watching the colours shift and twist and turn into the most amazing little worlds soothing. Through each piece I made, I helped soothe my soul and ease my worries. 
Through art I was not only to able express myself but I was able to keep my mind and body calm through a very challenging time. 
With all that being said I was left with so many coasters and necklaces ... I thought to myself  hey, maybe now is the time to start your very own side hustle. (you most definitely have the inventory for it ;) )
Deviant Design was born,
My 'Studio' is also an office for my home schooling, a place for my grow tent and of course a photo/art studio. As of late to me it is also known as my sanctuary my small island in a world of craziness. 
Covid-19 Acknowledgement
Though these have been trying times for us all I hope we have all found the strength to move forward and make the proper adjustments to keep ourselves safe and informed.
To those in the front-lines ... Thank you ... 
Here at Deviant Design we have taken measures to help stop the spread of this horrible virus. While packaging gloves and non-surgical face masks are worn. Each piece is wiped down before being placed into a sealed package. and not opened again. We still recommend wiping down your piece upon receiving it.