About Us

Darielle Juric
Darielle Juric  Artist/Owner

Deviant Design started up in the Okanagan Valley (which is located in the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada.) in March 2020. Started by one artist who found herself engulfed in the art of resin. What started as a hobby soon bloomed into a whole selection of amazing pieces, far too many for 1 person. So this artist took her photography skills and web design skills along with her new found resin making and created Deviant Design. She choose this name as she felt it was a true representation of her art, as it deviates from the norm much the same as herself. She has a checkered past and carries many pains to draw upon while creating beautiful and unique pieces.   A true Artist. 

As for the pieces themselves, all are handmade from  high quality resin. Due to the flexibility of resin work lots of different materials are used,
such as ; Alcohol inks, Acrylic paints, Rocks, Sand, Glitters, Stickers and      everything in between
These pieces may look like fragile glass but there is nothing further from the truth, they are shatter-proof, dishwasher safe and totally light-weight.
Deviant Design looks forward to serving you now and for the years to come. 
Covid-19 Acknowledgement
Though these have been trying times for us all I hope we have all found the strength to move forward and make the proper adjustments to keep ourselves safe and informed. To those in the front-lines ... Thank you ... 
Here at Deviant Design we have taken measures to help stop the spread of this horrible virus. While packaging gloves and non-surgical face masks are worn. Each piece is wiped down before being placed into a sealed package. and not opened again. We still recommend wiping down your piece upon receiving it.